Volume Lashes

Multiple pre-made volume fans that are attached to one lash to give more dimension texture, length and thickness. They provide a fuller dramatic look.

Full set Classic Eyelash Extensions $265.00

Appointment time - Approximately 2.5 hours

Mini fill (1-7 days) $55.00 (up to 30 Min)

Appointment time - Approximately 2.5 hours

2-week fill (7-14 days) $85.00 (up to 60 min)

A refill of classic lash extensions done every 2 weeks.

3-week fill (15-21 days) $100.00 (up to 75 min)

If you haven't had your lashes done in a while but have some left.

Volume Partial Set $155.00 (up to 90 min)

For lashes that haven't been filled in over 3 weeks and have a few left. Possible that a full set is needed.