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Aveda Manicures

Panache Signature Manicure $36.00

Not just any manicure, this is hand therapy

Customized care for your hands, including proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles, PLUS, 

Your hands are soaked, cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized with a hydrating treatment, hot towels and massage.

Followed by a perfect polish.

Mini Panache Manicure $26.00

Nails and Cuticles are groomed, Hot aroma towels, Hands are moisturized with a hydrating treatment and masssage.
Followed by a perfect polish.

Gel Polish Manicure or Nail Dip Manicure $48.00

Nails are shaped, buffed, hot towel and light hand massage following a Gel Polish or Nail Dip. 
Gel Polish Removal $10.00 additional.

Upgrades & Additional Services

Aveda Intensive Hydrating Hand treatment $10.00
Paraffin $15.00
Nail Art $4.00 & up
French Polish $10.00
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