Manicures and Pedicure

Level I Level II 

Panache Manicure   44.00 48.00 Enjoy all the elements of our Traditional Manicure PLUS. Your hands and forearms are exfoliated with Aveda Caribbean Therapy scrub and then hydrated with a warm paraffin treatment and placed into warm mitts. Your relaxed hands and forearms are massaged, then completed with the perfect polish. 

Traditional Manicure   22.00  25.00
 (our most popular)

 Traditional French Manicure                              30.00  32.00
This is our basic manicure. Hands are exfoliated followed by  hot aroma towels and a massage, then completed with the perfect polish
Sports Manicure        20.00  22.00
Want to give your nails a break ? Ask for the Sports Manicure, it’s the Traditional Manicure without the polish. (a favorite for men)
Short & Sweet Manicure 
(New)                         17.00
Great for a refresher. Nails are lightly groomed and moisturize, then completed with the perfect polish.
Shelac-a-cure & OPI Gel Polish (New)                40.00
Scrub, hot towel and hand massage with all of our Gel Polish Manicures. Polish with the performance of gels. Soaks off in minuets. Can last up to 14 days. A  resilient mirror finish in no time.
Polish Change                  14.00
Paraffin Treatment           28.00
After you hands are exfoliated and massaged. Your hands are placed into  warm paraffin and hand mitts for the ultimate hydration.
Manicure Add On’s
Paraffin                               17.00
French Polish             8.00  9.00
Nail Art      From 1.00 & up per nail

Level I Level II   

 Panache Pedicure                  77.00 82.00
Soak in our therapeutic whirlpool foot bath while a warm herbal wrap placed around your neck. After nails, cuticles & surface callouses are groomed, enjoy and invigorating exfoliating treatment up to your knee…Warm Black Baltic Mud is painted on …Relax while your hands are wrapped with an aroma hot towel and hands massaged. After hot aroma towels are used to remove the Black Baltic Mud , enjoy a scrumptious massage. Followed by the perfect polish.

Traditional Pedicure         47.00 51.00        (our most popular)
Soak in our therapeutic whirlpool foot bath, after nails, cuticles and callous are groomed. Enjoy an invigorating exfoliating scrub following a scrumptious cooling moisturizing mask. Your tired feet are massaged. Followed by the perfect polish.

Sports Pedicure           44.00 47.00            Want to give your toenails a break ? Just Ask for the Sports Pedicure. It’s the Traditional Pedicure without the polish. ( A Favorite with Men)
American Pedicure   (new)  39.00
(everything but the fuss)
Light Soak in our therapeutic foot bath. Nails, cuticles and callous are groomed to perfection. Feet are lightly moisturized. Followed by the perfect polish.
Short & Sweet Pedicure    27.00
(great for a refresher in between pedicures)
Light Soak in our therapeutic whirlpool foot bath. Nails and cuticles are groomed, a light exfoliation and massage. Followed by the perfect polish.   
Polish Change on the Toes        17.00
Paraffin Treatment            26.00
After your feet are and massaged. Your feet are placed into a warm paraffin and foot mitts
for the ultimate hydration.
Pedicure Add On’s
Paraffin                             12.00
French Polish                     9.00
Nail Art    from 1.00 & up per toe
Toe Hair Removal             11.00