Hair Perms

All Prices are subject to change, due to length of hair. Does not include haircut and style.

Stylist Senior Stylist Designer Master Stylist Pati
Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Traditional Wrap 66.&up 71.&up 76.&up 81.&up 86.&up
Weave Perm 91.&up 96.&up 101.&up 111.&up 116.&up
Spiral 96.&up 111.&up 136.&up 161.&up 166.&up
Spot Perming 13.00 per rod
Piggy Back 101.&up 111.&up 121.&up 131.&up 136.&up
Root Perm 64.&up 97.&up 92.&up 97.&up 102.&up
Relaxing Upon consultation
Relaxing Touch Up 61.&up 66.&up 71.&up 76.&up 81.&up