Hair Coloring

Salon Di Panaché color group recommends custom blends shampoo and conditioner to keep the life and vibrancy of your color. Does not include hair cut and style.

Stylist Senior Stylist Designer Master Stylist Pati
Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
First Time Color 54.00 59.00 66.00 71.00 73.00
Single Process 51.00 54.00 59.00 64.00 67.00
Double Process 74.&up 79.&up 84.&up 89.&up 91.&up
Co-ends 24.&up 24.&up 24.&up 24.&up 24.&up
Demi Color 43.00 48.00 55.00 57.00 57.00
Meche (highlighting)
Full Foil 98.&up 108.&up 128.&up 138.&up 148.&up
Partial Foil 85.&up 91.&up 101.&up 111.&up 121.&up
Face Frame 53.&up 58.&up 63.&up 68.&up 72.&up
Per Foil 7.00 7.00 7.00 7.00 7.00
Balayage 121.&up 131.&up 156.&up 170.&up 175.&up
Oplaplex add in treatment  25.&up 25.&up  25.&up  25.&up  25.&up
Men’s Color 46.&up 49.&up 51.&up 56.&up 58.&up
Men’s Aveda Grey Blending 27.&up 27.&up 27.&up 27.&up 27.&up

Corrective Color Upon consultation required

Balayage, Ombre & Hair Painting consultation required

Pati’s prices differ

Corrective hair coloring may take 2 to 3 applications to receive the desired result.The health and vitality of your hair always comes first with Salon Di Panaché. Your creator or colorist will recommend a home maintenance regime. Hair color does not include hair cutting or styling.

(Prices may vary due to length and condition of hair)

Slice of Life   $43.00 (all levels)

Rethink Traditional placement techniques to get rich light reflecting color with Aveda’s new slice of life foil Technique. With up to 7 foils, we work different angles throughout your hair, that can give you depth and lightness at the same time.