With all conditioning treatments, you hair will be shampooed and placed under a dryer for the treatment to penetrate deep into the hair follicle. Hair shoulder length and longer, add $6.00 to condition services.

Bumble and Bumble Hair and Scalp Treatments
Coco Masque $18.00
Depp Condition Treatment $18.00
Curl Conscious Masque $18.00
Mending Masque $18.00
Quenching Masque $18.00
AVEDA Hair and Scalp Treatments
Botanical Express                                     $13.00
Color Conditioner $15.00
Conditioning Treatment $13.00
Custom Conditioner $18.00
Deteox/De Chloring Treatment $23.00
Dry Remedy Treatment $23.00
PureScriptions Treatment $33.00
PureScriptions Dandruff Treatment $28.00
Damage Remedy Treatment $28.00